About Daniel

Daniel Gustafsson was born in Eskilstuna, Sweden, in 1983. He is a bi-lingual poet and philosopher who finds his voice and his vocation at the crossroads:

Where Norse poetic genius meets the English imagination;

Where Western thought meets Eastern Orthodox theology.

Daniel received a PhD in Philosophy from the University of York in 2014. He lives in York but spends his summers by the lakes of Södermanland. Teaching, tutoring and lecturing for a living, Daniel spends his spare time practicing the patient arts of angling and tea-drinking.

Daniel is available for readings and talks.

Email: dg.philokalia@gmail.com



July 5th: Reading and Panel discussion for Populär Poesi, At the Fringe, Tranås, Sweden

May 8th: Reading at the launch of Eborakon (Volume 2: Issue 2), York

April 13th: Reading at the launch of Marble (Issue 4), Cardiff

March 16th: Reading with Rahul Gupta as “Two Jorvik Poets” at the York Literature Festival, York.

February 21st: Reading in The Recital Room, Bootham School, York.