About Daniel

Daniel Gustafsson was born in Eskilstuna, Sweden, in 1983. He now lives in York but returns often to the lakes and runic landscapes of Södermanland. A bi-lingual poet, he is as inspired by the links between his native and adoptive shores as by the respective beauties of each.

Daniel received a PhD in Philosophy from the University of York in 2014. Teaching, tutoring and lecturing for a living, he spends his spare time practicing the patient arts of angling, board-games and tea-drinking.

He is available for readings and talks.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PoetGustafsson

Email: dg.philokalia@gmail.com



September 6th: The inaugural issue of 192 Magazine, containing my ‘Riverside’, is live now: https://poetsdirectory.co.uk/192

August 31st: The sixth letter: https://www.popularpoesi.se/daniel-gustafsson-pps-huspoet-2020/

July 31st: The fifth letter to Sweden: https://www.popularpoesi.se/daniel-gustafsson-pps-huspoet-2020/

July 17th: Launch of Black Bough Poetry’s “Deep Time: Volume 1”, containing my poem ‘Boulby’. A haunting playlist available here: https://soundcloud.com/stuartrawlinson/sets/black-bough-poetry-deep-time

July 6th: Another nice review of Fordings: https://www.sphinxreview.co.uk/index.php?start=4

June 30th: The latest letter, in a time of toppled statues: https://www.popularpoesi.se/daniel-gustafsson-pps-huspoet-2020/

June 27th: A generous review of Fordingshttps://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54293609-fordings#other_reviews

June 22nd: A perceptive review of Fordings: https://ellipticalmovements.wordpress.com/2020/06/22/recent-reading-june-2020-a-review/

June 1st: The third letter to Sweden: https://www.popularpoesi.se/daniel-gustafsson-pps-huspoet-2020/

April 28th: A new letter to Sweden published: https://www.popularpoesi.se/daniel-gustafsson-pps-huspoet-2020/

April 1st: New essay, ‘Oikophilia: politics and poetics’, published by British Intelligence: https://www.british-intelligence.co.uk/copy-of-articles-model-3

March 31st: I am Populär Poesi’s ‘huspoet’ for 2020. My first poetic letter to Sweden is published now: https://www.popularpoesi.se/daniel-gustafsson-pps-huspoet-2020/

January 24th: My new pamphlet, Fordings, now available for pre-orders!



November 1st: ‘Cargo’ published in Pennine Platform (Issue 86)

October 1st: ‘The Buried Ship’ published in The Lake: http://www.thelakepoetry.co.uk/poetry/daniel-gufstafsson/

September 6th: Essay on ‘The Power of Poetry’ published by The Poetry Question: https://thepoetryquestion.com/2019/09/06/power-of-poetry-60-daniel-gustafsson/

July 5th: Reading and Panel discussion for Populär Poesi, At the Fringe, Tranås, Sweden

May 8th: Reading at the launch of Eborakon (Volume 2: Issue 2), York

April 13th: Reading at the launch of Marble (Issue 4), Cardiff

March 16th: Reading with Rahul Gupta as “Two Jorvik Poets” at the York Literature Festival, York.

February 21st: Reading in The Recital Room, Bootham School, York.